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Sexy Spirituality

Oct 8, 2018

Sexy Spirituality podcast Episode 6:

Finding Purpose and Meaning





Lezli Goodwin

Kimjera Whittington


Check In

Kimjera: This week has been all about changing schools for my little guy and doing a web site revamp.

Lezli: It's a really busy week at New Vision Center, with stewardship month kicking off and our upcoming GalaPalooza fundraising event. 


Kimjera: "Finding Purpose and Meaning"

  • Meaning and purpose are all about being inspired, feeling like what you're doing is in alignment with your higher purpose.
  • It relates to every area of life: career, relationships, hobbies.
  • I notice I'm out of alignment when I'm saying, "I should" or "I wish I would." There's something more being called forth.


Roundtable with Kimjera Whittington & Lezli Goodwin

  • We talked a few weeks ago about redefining success (LINK). It's such a huge part of finding alignment with your purpose.
  • Another way to recognize being out of alignment is "divine discontent," that sense of unhappiness that rises up because I'm not placing importance on what I value deeply.
  • Lezli referenced The Big Leap, by Gay Hendricks, when speaking about the Zone of Genius.
  • Creativity can add a lot of meaning and helps us find excitement around whatever we are doing.
  • Activities that help us align with our purpose: paying attention to our intuition, playing attention to how we are feeling about things, staying out of the "how" and let go of knowing the whole plan, surrendering into divine good.
  • If I just get started, everything shows up that I need.
  • Divine discontent is really divine guidance.
  • There's so much meaning to be found in things that aren't working. There are always things we can learn to make better choices the next time. It can be part of the process of finding our inspired purpose and meaning. 
  • We can call forth that next great thing by letting go of things that aren't quite right. That's faith in the process, that what is meant to be is already happening.
  • When we're living a life of alignment, we're already in the place of creativity.
  • Lezli's ridiculous olive oil miracle, referencing the miracles of Elijah (I Kings, 17:12). Every needed thing is provided. That's trusting the process.
  • In all of this, be soft with yourself. As long as we are moving in the direction of our path, the "whens" are about as important as the "hows." 


Favorite Spiritual Sayings in this Episode

I don't need to know how to do anything because God knows how to do everything.

The Universe abhors a vacuum.

Every needed thing is supplied.


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