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Sexy Spirituality

Oct 1, 2018

Sexy Spirituality podcast Episode 5:

Music Changes Everything


Today's Hosts:

Lezli Goodwin

Kimjera Whittington

Sonia Byrne

and special guest host Amy Steinberg


Check In

Halloween costumes are on our minds... 


Lezli Goodwin: "Music Changes Everything"

  • On the spiritual path, seemingly small choices add up to a huge difference in how you feel about your life and yourself.
  • We all know that music sets a tone – think about the music you choose for a romantic evening vs the music you choose for an intense workout.
  • Negative, heavy, dark music can contribute to similar feelings. Positive, joyful, spiritual music can support that kind of lifestyle.
  • We’ve all had the experience of the song that touched us so deeply it literally changed our lives. What if we curated the music we listen to intentionally to affect us in positive ways?
  • That doesn’t mean you can’t have your guilty pleasures, but in moderation.


Roundtable with Kimjera Whittington, Sonia Byrne & Amy Steinberg

  • Reclaiming words like holy, spirit and God can really be a big part of opening to new music.
  • High vibration choices can shift the energy of your day, even when the coffee maker is broken.
  • We can speak to anything through music.  It's important to be honest and authentic.  What we focus on grows, yes, but we have to process our feelings before we can turn back to the positive.  Anything else is spiritual bypass. Looking at the shadow is legitimate, and a real part of wholeness.
  • Sometimes the "crying songs" are the highest vibration songs, because they are about owning the whole soul.  When we deny what's happening right now (not from the cosmic truth, but from what we are in), that can be a very low vibration. Depression, terminal illness and pain are real things.
  • What am I willing to let go and trust? What am I willing to let Spirit do? (Looking at the journey from "It's happening TO me, BY me, THROUGH me, AS me.")
  • Amy is working on New Thought praise music, which is so deeply needed in the spiritual world. It touches our hearts so deeply.
  • Links to all of the inspiring songs we mentioned, plus a couple more because we love you:

Karen Drucker, You Are Healed

Rickie Byers, Wholly Holy Way: 

Daniel Nahmod, Get Ready My Soul: 

Eddie Watkins Jr., I Walk Away:

Lenny Kravitz, Let Love Rule:

Michael Buble, Feeling Good: 

U2, Beautiful Day: 

A fun song from Lezli (co-written and produced by the amazing Jack Howell, WilloDisc), Deepak on a Yacht: 

Lezli's favorite song from Amy Steinberg, Grace: 

The Universe's favorite song from Amy (so far), Burning into the High: 



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