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Sexy Spirituality

Mar 12, 2021

New Thought and New Media 

Sexy Spirituality Episode #38 


Host: Lezli Goodwin 

Guest: Rev. Robert Brzezinski, founding minister and Creative Director of New Thought Media Network 

Guest: Cerise Patron, Singer, Songwriter, Speaker and Author, Spreading the message of Love to the world. 


Small Talk 

Lezli, Robert and Cerise talk about what book really inspired them. 


New Thought and New Media 

  • I wanted to have Robert and Cerise on today, because I see each of them using New Media to expand their message to a broader audience in interactive ways. 
  • Robert, it has been really interesting to watch you walk out your New Thought ministry through New Media.  Tell us a little bit about how this focus came about for your ministry. 
  • Robert: The thing behind it all is the Life Visioning process. After exploring a pulpit ministry, I came to explore what ministry was going to be for me. I dove deep into the Life Visioning process, and an old idea of a New Thought radio station emerged and I launched New Thought Radio. It was a hobby at the times. Through the development of that music radio station, more emerged. Talk radio? YouTube? Videos? Out of prayer, the New Thought Media Network was born. I was posting prayers and very quickly there was a timeframe behind it. We now have 20 hours of live video broadcasting on Facebook per week. 
  • Mental Equivalent: the capacity to envision the fullest capacity of your vision, how big can you see your dream getting? You can’t realize more than you can imagine. 
  • Cerise: The pandemic, when it happened, I had just launched Sacred Spiritual Tours and had 4 tours planned in South America for 2020. So I went from an amazingly busy planned year – and I don’t like it when plans don’t come to fruition. Technology is really spectacular, and I created virtual reality travel experiences (one on one session in her home). The experiencer wears a virtual reality device walking through all of these amazing places while I sing to you and lead you in meditations. So concerts, showing up virtually for church services, reaching the most people is boosted by technology even during this pandemic. 
  • We can all find a way to connect with ministers, meditations, good news and be a blessing in the world. 
  • Lezli: Rev. Karin Lewis and I were able to pivot immediately when everything went online, so we didn’t really lose anyone. But we’re finding that out online campus has grown by about 40% over the pandemic period. And it’s very active, engaged, not just being a passive “watching” population. 
  • The landscape has changed. We all became global overnight. With that came the necessity for ministries to shift to what is more palatable to the online audience. Shorter segments, Interactivity. Things that draw people in more. 
  • Friday Night Game Night, Zoom fellowship, the hilarity of how we figure out how to do things together online is as fun as the actual connection. 
  • What is our responsibility to share the New Thought philosophy via New Media? Robert: If we wish to stay relevant, absolutely. More and more people spend time in front of a screen of some kind. It is experiencing life. It’s our responsibility to be available in the channels and places where people are influenced in their lives. 
  • Both Robert and Lezli have a background in marketing: Go where the people are. 
  • Is Sunday dying? Do people want to go to church? Does anything new distract or detract from Sunday? Why are we so stuck on Sunday? 
  • Lezli: I think we’re teachers of New Thought, not Sunday morning professionals. 
  • Cerise: there’s a call to all of us to be the Light, to offer that Light in a bigger way. Young people want something that inspires them and excites them about life, and that involves some change. The amazing thing with pandemic is that those of us who have committed to being the Light in the world have to show up as the Light in a new way every day. 
  • “We are beings of light. Is it not time for us to start traveling at the speed of light? New media moves at the speed of light.” Robert 
  • Wisdom Everyday Facebook Group:  
  • You can have it all, the both/and – traditional Sunday, social media, YouTube, podcasts. 
  • The prayer of JabazOh, that You would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory, that Your hand would be with me, and that You would keep me from evil, that I may not cause pain. 
  • What do you wish more people understood about New Media? 
  • Robert: The internet is not free. Let’s create a network where everyone is prospering. Please support your favorite online ministries. Spirituality is not a side-hustle! 
  • Cerise: No matter what level we are at, sharing our gifts, we’re human. We’re learning as we go. We’re all trying to figure it out. Don’t give up. If you don’t know it, you can learn it. Just keep moving forward. Put some dedicated time into learning the technology so you can show up in a new way. There are classes, teachers, YouTube videos. You are never alone. 
  • CSL is running another podcasting class in May 2021 – 4 weeks, $89.00. I will share the enrollment link as it becomes available. 


Something Good 

Cerise: I am dedicated to breaking out of the chains! I’m releasing a new album this year with meditations and music. There are 3 virtual tour packages ($45.00/hour through the pandemic). There are 2 big in person tours coming up later this year. and Cerise’s Peeps Facebook Group  

Robert: Join us at New Thought Media Network (YouTube channel, Facebook page, hashtag) Saturday mornings 9am MST, team of 7 amazing speakers sharing and teaching directly from the Science of Mind textbook, all year long – open Q&A. Join us! 

Lezli: I am presenting as part of the Park Point Press CSL Authors Summit next Saturday, March 20th 2021, 10am to 2 PM MST. If you are curious about publishing or are looking for ways to support your book – lots of ways to approach this. I’m presenting on how to prepare yourself to market your book on a podcast. Register at   


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