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Sexy Spirituality

Jan 14, 2019

Sexy Spirituality Episode #19

Our Sacred Worth



Lezli Goodwin

Sonia Byrne

Guest Host: Kevin Ross


Opening Chat

Sonia and Kevin discuss the best parts of the Parliament of the World's Religions, including sharing spiritual practices, exploring social justice and catching up with friends from all over the planet. 


Our Sacred Worth

  • Rev. Kevin Ross, our guest host, shares about his work at Unity of Sacramento, helping people to see and accept their own sacred worth.
  • There is a message that we are unworthy or worthless, picked up from media and culture, and we need to unlearn that.
  • Each of us is made in the likeness and image of a Creator that brought them forth and is thus inherently valuable, imbued with sacred worth -- not because they have done anything or earned anything, but just because they are.
  • "I am a unique, unrepeatable miracle of God." Rev. Johnnie Coleman. We are born worthy.
  • We express this element of sacred worth with people by treating them as if they are inherently worthy.  Rev. Kevin shared about the grocery project his Center does each year, raising money and then surprising people by paying for their Christmas groceries and gifts. It's essential that this form of giving comes from a place of valuing one another on a fundamental level.
  • Some liturgy in our culture can leave us feeling spiritually violated, with unworthy, "worm of the dust" teachings. For Rev. Kevin, that is sacrilegious. Jesus the Christ has had some pretty bad spokespeople, but those original teachings of Christ Consiouness are still valuable and valid in today;s world.
  • We are committed to building a consciousness where everybody recognizes their own worth.
  • In spiritual community, we have varying levels of spiritual evolvement. But we seek to awaken and inspire people to recognize their divine nature.


Something Good


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Kevin is featured in the February edition of Science of Mind Magazine, covering the Unity of Sacramento's work on healing the relationship between the community and law enforcement.    January 30, I'll be at First Unity Church in St. Petersburg, Florida with the entire Leadership Council of the Association of Global New Thought. Come join us!



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We'll see you January 21 for our next episode of Sexy Spirituality, "My Funny Valentine: Learning to Love Your Unlovable Spots." Share your thoughts with us at