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Sexy Spirituality

Feb 26, 2021

Rocking Recovery the New Thought Wat

Sexy Spirituality Episode #37


Host: Lezli Goodwin

Guest: Jolene Baney, Co-Founder and Spiritual Coach at Qualia Recovery, providing case management and supported residential living for long-term recovery

Guest: Ron Trunnell, licensed practitioner, new ministerial student living and breathing his own recovery for 22 years, and founding member of Renewal in the Desert, an annual spiritual retreat for sober gay men in Phoenix, Arizona


Small Talk

Lezli, Ron and Jolene talk about what’s inspiring them right now.

  • Jolene: Opening Qualia Recovery, a new residential facility (8 apartments) in Phoenix. I am inspired by creating the coaching program & helping people reconnect with their passions.
  • Ron: I’m really focused on the concept of “Back to Basics” both in the Center, where we focus on the basics of Science of Mind, and in recovery where we go back to the idea of powerlessness.
  • Lezli: The New Vision Center for Spiritual Living’s annual theme, “The Spiritual Hero’s Journey” -- combining Joseph Campbell’s theory of the Hero’s Journey and New Thought. I’m loving having reasons to talk about Harry Potter and Buffy.


Rocking Recovery the New Thought Way

  • Ron and Jolene are both good friends and fellow partners at New Vision Center for Spiritual Living
  • Our topic today is “Rocking Recovery the New Thought Way”
  • Sometimes, Recovery and New Thought are conceived of as philosophically antithetical.
  • Ron: Recovery can come across as traditional, New Thought less so. But there are places in the Big Book of AA (called “We Agnostics”) that sound like it could be literally out of The Science of Mind or written by Ernest Holmes. Holmes also spoke of AA very positively, focusing on “The fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man.” (Gender due to the age it was written.)
  • Where does the misunderstanding come up that 12 Steps are against Science of Mind? Jolene: It can be the word “powerless.” I think of it as I have turned away from the power of God that is always there. I’d been choosing not to plug in.
  • Ron: Look below the surface. If I only look at the surface, look how different Jolene and I are. But within we have so much in common. The common thread is there. The same is true of the two philosophies, but you have to look beneath the surface to the deeper meaning.
  • Jolene: Surrender is one of those words where you feel like you’re surrendering your power, or you can give it over and gain Freedom. That’s what I chose. It’s such a relief.
  • Georgia Prescott, “Powerful or Powerless.”
  • Jolene: It’s about rediscovering your passion and good, that there is an intuition and a power in your body, in your being. You wake up to it through meditation, affirmations, reconnecting your mind-body connection.
  • Joe Dispenza: infecting the Quantum Field
  • “What the Bleep Do We Know,”
  • Ron: It’s all just a choice away. “The entire universe will conspire for you at that moment of choice, that moment of commitment.”
  • Jolene: doing monthly World Cafes to connect with people all over the world.
  • Sacred Service & being a sponsor, ways of sharing our experience, strength and hope with those who are new to the path of self-healing
  • Honoring every path, every philosophy, every faith tradition. It’s about what is right for each person as an individualized creation of the Divine.
  • Ron: There are many paths. THe important thing is to make a choice and move in that direction.
  • Jolene: People in recovery are not broken. There are the most wonderful, powerful, creative people in the world.
  • Lezli: There is nothing you cannot do. You just have to take the first step and trust there will be stone underneath your foot when it lands. The entire Universe conspires to bring you the things you need to walk it out.


Something Good

Jolene: I mentioned Qualia Recovery, our new residential center in Phoenix Arizona. I also mentioned Passion Maps, and my website for that is

Ron: There are people out there already loving you. So whoever you are, whatever your situation is, just know that there’s a power of Love already supporting you. And by making that choice, whether it is to pursue a 12 Step program, perhaps Alcoholics Annonymous, search that out and find a meeting and simply say yes.  If it’s about finding that deeper spiritual connection, find a Center for Spiritual Living near you or online ( streams online) and connect with people who want to love you.

Lezli: My something good is that we have NEW pieces of Science of Mind jewelry on our website New colors in bracelets, some beaded earrings, good stuff. Check it out and save 20% with Promo Code “Sexy2021” to save 20% off your order. Again, that’s  You can find more from me at


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