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Sexy Spirituality

Apr 1, 2019

Sexy Spirituality Episode #30

The Spirituality of Conscious Leadership



Lezli Goodwin

Sonia Byrne

Guest: Stéphane Leblanc


Opening Chat

Sonia, Lezli and Stéphane chat about their best ways to stay conscious and positive during travel -- meditation apps and audio books.


The Spirituality of Conscious Leadership

  • Stéphane Leblanc is the CEO of the International Center for Conscious Leadership
  • Most people are still teaching the same societal program: work hard, achieve, make money, be happy. What's missing is depth, meaning, purpose.
  • Conscious Leadership is a new paradigm that helps us to have a vision, lead with values, satisfy the needs of all stakeholders (not just shareholders), and to address the obvious problems in the world (climate change, wealth imbalance, lack of access to health care, etc).
  • It helps us achieve our goals in an easier way, because it focuses on building cultures where people are inspired to take care of customers, to work well, so customers are happy and buy more. Nobody is taken advantage of.
  • Stéphane hit a crisis point where two major depressions made it clear to him that he didn't want to live and work in the old paradigm any longer. It came down to a choice between suicide and building an international company that would introduce conscious leadership to the world.
  • People are being drawn together by the universe to do this work together, including attending and presenting at Stéphane's events.
  • Spirituality is a major part of the conscious leadership path. Stéphane has often been told that his true talent is helping to reconnect people with Source.

Quote of the Episode

"Love is the biggest foundation for leadership... If you don't love yourself, if you don't love the people you serve, how can you be a leader?"  Stéphane Leblanc


Something Good


Riverside Community Center for Spiritual Living is offering a FREE three-week book study on Zoom focusing on diversity and inclusion, focusing on Tracy Brown's Stained Glass Spirit, April 16, 23 and 30 at 6:00 PM PST. You can register at



April 9, you are invited to Global Summit for Conscious Leadership in Montreal Canada. You can register at You can also find out more about Stéphane'sorganization at




New Vision CSL is offering a FREE Community Morning Meditation. 7:00 AM PST, Monday-Friday, you can join us in Zoom Room 602787888 for a 15 minute guided group meditation. Learn more at


We'll see you April 8 for our next episode of Sexy Spirituality, "What is Your Everest?" Share your thoughts with us at