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Sexy Spirituality

Feb 11, 2019

Sexy Spirituality Episode #23

The Spirituality of Failure



Lezli Goodwin

Sonia Byrne


Opening Chat

Sonia and Lezli chat about what they do when stuck on a flight with no screen!  In Sonia's most recent experience, she had exams to grade and work to do.  This never happens to Lezli, because she always has several audio books on her phone. (Usually a cheesy vampire novel...)


The Spirituality of Failure

  • Sonia was recently contacted to do a business symposium panel on failure. As someone who is willing to have difficult conversations, of course they wanted to invite her to participate.
  • Failure brings out shame, and most people want to hide from that -- lie, deny, distract, drink, whatever it takes to cover it up.
  • To become a powerhouse, we often need to have gone through a whole lot of experiences, including serious failures.  We want the shortcut, but it doesn't work like that.
  • We learn what works by experiencing what doesn't work!
  • Many people are afraid to do brave things that risk failure publicly. If you are going to try big things, you're going to suck sometimes. There's nothing you can do about it except continue showing up.
  • I am more afraid of living a life that is not fully expressed than I am of failure.
  • We often learn more from failures than we do successes.
  • What do you value more? Avoiding failure or avoiding regret?
  • We love to reference icons like Steve Jobs or Thomas Edison or Madonna. We have a tendency to overlook the rounds of failure and only look at the success. But the failures are actually steps in the process of success.
  • If you're going to fail, fail big and then -- TA DA!!!! 
  • Failure does not indicate that there is something wrong. It simply means there is more to be discovered before you reach your goal.
  • Something important is happening here every time we get back up and TA DA!


Something Good


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We'll see you February 18 for our next episode of Sexy Spirituality. Share your thoughts with us at