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Sexy Spirituality

Jan 7, 2019

Sexy Spirituality Episode #18

The Spirituality of the Law



Lezli Goodwin

Kimjera Whittington

Sonia Byrne

Guest Host: Sara Awad


Opening Chat

We share the fun of holiday baking, including putting our teenagers to work making cookies and fudge.


The Spirituality of the Law

  • When we think of spiritual centers, we generally think of what happens on the platform on Sundays.  But in the modern world of non-profits, our ministers are also expected to be CEOs. With little or no legal training, ministers are expected to learn on the job -- but there is a better way.
  • Centers for Spiritual Living offers a legal team to help, as well as a series of classes to help ministers and their Boards run smoothly BEFORE a problem happens.
  • In the US, Centers for Spiritual Living are 501c3 organizations.
  • Can Centers fund raise or make money without generating a really large tax bill.  There are some wonderful exceptions for non[profits.
  • Volunteer Exceptions: When all of the work is performed by volunteers, it's tax-free, even when it's a competitive business. Volunteers can't be paid or accept tips at all.
  • Convenience Exception: When activity is conducted for the convenience of our members, it's tax free.  We can't advertise or compete with outside businesses, but if we operate just for our own people, it's free from business tax.  (Sales tax may still apply.)
  • Passive Income Exception: Anything passive, we don't pay any tax on it.  Rentals are a huge example of that. Any income derived from rental of real property is tax-free, which is a good tax=free source of income.  This counts for parking lots, as well. Services are taxed on a normal rate, so be aware of that.  Remember, it has to be completely passive.
  • Operations can be a real challenge, especially for new Centers.  CSL is creating a Head Start program for new Centers, making sure their governing documents are in working order from the very beginning.
  • Crises are caused by issues with Policy & Procedure Manuals, with Centers only realizing they need a policy when something unexpected happens.  We see issues with situations like challenges with emotional support animals, contract employees who post on social media ideas that are inappropriate, questionable states of dress on Sundays and more.
  • Home Office is developing a template for a global Policies & Procedures Manual, which they hope will be available by the end of the year.
  • Legal 101 for Ministers is a class that is offered, along with Legal Academy for Boards and Ministers.
  • Liability with volunteers is a huge issue, and you need to screen volunteers the same way you screen regular employees.  
  • Lezli's Center puts every volunteer that works with youth through a full security check, using Trak-1,
  • Political Involvement can be an interesting issue.  Centers can't participate in partisan political activities, supporting or opposing a candidate or party for political office.  We CAN work on issues, with lobbying (petitions, calls to action, education, etc.) CSL encourages Centers to get involved with social engagement.


Something Good


We are scheduling 2019 sessions of Business & Branding, a Spiritual Entrepreneurship Program for Practitioner Success.  $379, which includes 2 coaching sessions. If you are interested in our next class, you can find out more at



Center for Spiritual Living Murietta Valley's first Sunday Celebration will be on January 13 at Redhawk Elementary in South Temecula. The youth ministry will be available, so bring the kiddos! Come join us!  Find out more at or check us out on Facebook.



 The CSL Member Council is currently offering a comprehensive legal training academy as part of it's Conscious Centers Success Series (I teach it). In this course, you will learn how to manage the everyday legal concerns that matter the most to your center's daily operations. We especially love to work with new centers and centers that are in transition! The course is provided on a love offering basis and no center is ever turned away due to inability to pay. Getting enrolled is easy - simply reach out to the CSL Member Council at 720-279-8979 or



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