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Sexy Spirituality

May 7, 2021

The Voice of Intuition 

Sexy Spirituality Episode #42 

Host: Lezli Goodwin 

Guest: Rev. Beverley Strutt, Assistant Minister at CSL East Hawaii 

Guest: Rev. Nan Bankston, ancient lightworker and modern-day minister at CSL Grants Pass  


Small Talk 

Lezli, Rev. Bev and Rev. Nan share their stories about mothering in honor of Mother’s Day. 


The Voice of Intuition 

  • I’m delighted to have to lovely friends with me today, both of whom live from their deep well of intuition. 
  • Our topic today is “The Voice of Intuition” 
  • Beverley, can you start us off with your personal definition of intuition? First thing that rises up is “did I make the right choice”; however today, it is the voice I hear inside that is literally a constant guide.  I don’t even question it.  I listen and just do.  In hindsight I recognize it as that internal guidance of the Divine. 
  • Nan:  Shows up for me as a deep knowingness without question that I’m making the right turn or decision.  There is ease.  I just know I am always guided and directed and it is always life affirming.   
  • Life Affirming:  moving us in a positive direction, never cruel, never takes.  A giving and a guiding. 
  • Nan:  Anything that looks smells or sounds like fear is not intuitive.  Life affirming for me  is also based in loving action for myself and others; not a knee jerk response. 
  • Bev:  Over time listening to intuition, we allow the opening so when we hear it we tend to choose it.  Then there’s no doing anymore, we are just flowing. 
  • Nan:  Intuition is always flowing down stream and it’s easy.  If I’m trying to fight my way upstream that is not intuitive insight.  It’s always easy and down stream. 
  • Lezli:  I’m hearing Karen Drucker’s “Let go of the Shore”  
  • How would you advise people to nurture their intuition? Nan:  There must be a connection to source.  The more time in communion with that presence, the more I developed the relationship that supported me to be able to receive the wisdom.  So, be still.  Be with yourself, your source energy and be open to receive.  This will develop a sense of confidence.  It takes consistency persistent and patience. 
  • Bev:  It’s about reflection and connecting the dots because often we fail to look back enough to see what happened that led to where we are.  We then learn to trust the voice of intuition. 
  • Lezli: Be in the listening, in the silence, pay attention to what has happened.  I also like journaling as reflecting and on the flip side, we can actively invite the opportunities to notice intuition in the present.  Practice on silly things; should I eat soup or carrot?  A feeling rises up from the inside and we then can learn what that feels like rising up within.   
  • Bev: Willingness and desire are important too.  A willingness to feel vulnerable and trust the process.  I call willingness the combo code; it unlocks everything.  Open that desire to be guided. 
  • Let’s talk Story! Share an Intuition Story!   Bev takes a cruise; Nan moves to NM; and Lezli shadow boxes with God. 
  • Good News – Intuition will always come back around.  What is yours to be/know/have you can’t lose.  It will keep coming back around and may even become a 2x4 and smack you upside the head! 
  • We mentioned Karen Drucker, Marianne Williamson (The Law of Circulation),   


Something Good 

Nan:  I have been working on my website,, it is an oasis of calm and wonder.  A pit stop in the middle of your day to get refreshed and revitalized.  Take a good look at it and let me know if there’s something you’d like to see.  My email is on the website. 

Bev:  I invite anyone that wants to come and visit the big Island virtually, join us at Centers for Spiritual Living East Hawaii,  We are a beautiful community.  Our church has no walls, so it is all open and all inviting.  Come on in.  We are on Youtube.  I speak the 2nd weekend of every month.  I’d love to see you there.  If you do stop in please send a little message in the live stream chat! 

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