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Sexy Spirituality

Apr 27, 2021

Healthy Boundaries, Happy Lives 

Sexy Spirituality Episode #41 


Host: Lezli Goodwin 

Guest: Savanna Riker, Spiritual Coach, Author and Minister 

Guest: Sarah Forbes, Spiritual Guide and Transformational Coach 


Small Talk 

Lezli, Savanna and Sarah talk: what’s bringing you Joy today? 


Apr 10, 2021

4.9.21 Sexy Spirituality Show Notes 

“Exploring Spirituality through Songwriting” 

Recorded 2.9.21. 10:00 AM MST 


Exploring Spirituality through Songwriting 

Sexy Spirituality Episode #40 


Host: Lezli Goodwin 

Guest: Denise Rosier, Contemporary New Thought artist, and award-winning...