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Sexy Spirituality

Sep 24, 2018

Sexy Spirituality podcast Episode 4:

Learning to Listen to Your Intuition

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Kimjera: Fall is keeping us busy: Homecoming dress shopping, flag football practice, a new business opportunity.

Lezli: I love fall! I love the cooler weather and crisp air. 


Lezli Goodwin: "Learning to Listen to Your Intuition"

  • So many people go through life waiting for a sign, so they can be sure that they’re doing the right thing.
  • I believe that flash of intuition, that sudden sense of knowingness that comes from nowhere, IS that sign.
  • Ernest Holmes said that the highest God and the Innermost God are One God, so that inner knowingness is literally the voice of God in us.
  • But we doubt it! We question it! We think it’s crazy.
  • That initial impulse is almost always right. We need to learn to listen.


Roundtable with Kimjera Whittington & Sonia Byrne

  • Kimjera: My dad used tot ell me that when I listen to that voice, it's not always right but when I don't listen, I for sure am wrong.  It's not a guarantee.  We have to take int hat information and decide that we want to do with it.
  • It invites you to use your discernment, while treating that internal awareness as information worth being considered.
  • Sonia: Do you have different sensory locations for different kinds of intuitive understanding? Logical knowing in the head, emotional knowing in the chest.  For Lezli (and probably only Lezli), the rear end when encountering a moment of inspiration.
  • Kimjera: I don't always feel like I'm getting along with my intuition. I hear it, but I don't want to listen. Sometimes I just don't want to follow what it's telling me.
  • Sonia: I definitely think intuition grows with life experience. Being able to tell which is intuition, versus what is the next good idea.
  • Lezli: For me, intuition is always life-affirming and always expansive.
  • Sonia: In business or consulting, sometimes my intuition is best in the long run but it may not feel immediately life affirming because it requires change.
  • Kimjera: YES! Sometimes in business you have to help clients see how to be in alignment, and it can be a bit more complicated. But it generally works out. It's getting easier as businesses are opening to ideas like mindfulness and conscious leadership.
  • Sonia: As I get older, I can just relax. There's a whole lot less angst.
  • Learning what we personally need to do to deepen our own connection to intuition is key -- silence, meditation, prayer, whatever we personally need.


Quote of the Episode

"It;s essential to remember that 'highest and best' does not mean you're going to like it or it's going to be easy."



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