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Sexy Spirituality

Sep 17, 2018

Sexy Spirituality podcast Episode 3:

Redefine Success and Thrive

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Kimjera: Excited that we came up with this idea a couple of weeks ago and it's today's topic!

Sonia: Helping clients through this back to school period

Lezli: Our youngest child just left for college!


Kimjera Whittington "Redefine Success and Thrive"

  • The word success means so many things to different people. We can think of creating wealth, making money, chasing the white picket fence & looking like we have it all.
  • So many belief systems can get wrapped into what it is to be successful.
  • We can choose to redefine how we look at success.
  • Success can mean being a kind person, taking care of ourselves and others, making a difference.
  • Definition: "Accomplishment of an aim or purpose"
  • It's important that our definition of success reflects our values


Roundtable with Lezli Goodwin & Sonia Byrne

  • There is a transition between the old definition and the new definition, and it can be a pivot point.
  • A big part of that redefinition is a mindfulness about what matters to you as an individual.
  • "Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it." ~Maya Angelou
  • For some people, abundance isn't particularly important, which is okay.  For others, it really is, and that's okay. That's part of redefining success to reflect what is important to you.
  • Another definition, "attainment of popularity or profit"
  • Popularity is a perspective.  We never know what's really going on inside other people.
  • The judgement of people looking from the outside and from their own definition of success can put a lot of pressure on people.
  • The feeling of dissatisfaction in one's own life can come from buying into other peoples' definitions of success.
  • Opening up to our own ideas, goals and what we really want, we are so much more empowered.  It means resisting what we "should" do, so we aren't out of alignment with our true calling or trying to be something that we're not.
  • It's okay to say "no thank you" to something that doesn't fit your definition of success, even if other people can't understand why.
  • Hopefully, as we get older, we care a little less what other people think.
  • The myth of The Hustle can pull people into that old way of thinking, implies that there's not enough for everybody. It's lack consciousness.
  • As co-hosts, we're redefining success around being a stay-at-home mom, health, and career stability. This idea of redefining success hits every area of life.
  • Anchoring into redefining success requires us to learn who we really are by tuning into our intuition, which is the topic of our next show.


Quote of the Episode

"I love abundance.  Bring it on!  I just want it to come because I'm doing what I'm passionate about, not just because I'm chasing money."  Lezli


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