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Sexy Spirituality

May 6, 2019

The Spirituality of Inclusion

Sexy Spirituality Episode #35



Lezli Goodwin

Sonia Byrne

Guest Host: Michele Synegal



Small Talk

Sonia, Lezli and Michele talk about how Spring has sprung in Newfoundland and DC.


The Spirituality of Inclusion

  • Michele Synegal is the chair of the Diversity Inclusion Commission for Centers for Spiritual Living.  
  • The Diversity Inclusion Commission was born when a group of 7 ministerial students of color were told they were required to attend the CSL convention.  Upon looking at the program information, they decided to boycott, as they didn't see themselves represented by the presenters, leadership or staff of the convention. They then became more strategic in affecting change, and offered up a proposal to the 2011 convention, creating the Diversity Inclusion Commission.
  • Many denominations have been active in diversity and inclusion for decades, notably the Unitarian/Universalists.  Unity and CSL have entered this field more recently.
  • Michele has been working in diversity and inclusion since 1979. She joined the CSL Diversity Inclusion Commission in 2017 and became its chair in 2018.
  • The Commission works to raise awareness that planners of events and conventions must be cognizant that there is diversity in the greater organization, helping organizers to be mindful. It gives input around  educational offerings, including ministerial training. 
  • If we want to be viable as an organization, we MUST be more inclusive.

Something Good

Sonia: For non-profit organizations, it's strategic planning time!  We can do three-day retreats or meet over Zoom, and we can make it FUN!  Find out more by emailing me at

Michele: We have about 5 months to get ready for World Day of Service! The 2nd Saturday in September, this year we'll be celebrating on September 14, 2019. All around the world, this is a day for CSL communities (and other communities, too!) to step up in service to their greater community. You can find out more by emailing me at

LezliOn May 14, we are starting a free five-week interactive book study on Brene Brown's book Dare to Lead. If you want to become a more courageous, inspirational leader, come join us on Tuesday nights, 6:30-8:30 PM at New Vision Center for Spiritual Living in Phoenix, Arizona. Learn more and register at


Thank you for joining us for Sexy Spirituality. This episode is our season finale! We'll be back with you again soon, talking about real spirituality for the modern world!