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Sexy Spirituality

Sep 1, 2018

Sexy Spirituality podcast Episode 1:

What is Sexy Spirituality?

Lezli Goodwin

  • Sexy spirituality is about blending spirituality with every part of life, even the messy stuff, to create an integrated life.
  • Sexy stuff is the interesting stuff that people want to talk about, and spirituality IS interesting!

Kimjera Whittington

  • Sexy spirituality is about gaining confidence. Confidence is sexy and powerful, and too many of us lack it.
  • It's about claiming that inner badass within. When we're in touch with it, we show up in our business and life authentically and powerfully.

Sonia Byrne

  • Sexy spirituality shows up in the workplace as "mindfulness", "conscious leadership", "compassionate communication" and "collaborative communication." People aren't always overt about their workplace spirituality, but it is there more and more.
  • The definition of sexy includes the words desirable, exciting and appealing.  There is a growing desire for business and leadership to come from this place of confidence and consciousness.


  • What can somebody do when they feel that their job is requiring them to behave in a way that feels less than spiritual?  Spend some time in self-awareness activities like meditation, counseling or with a coach.  Figure out what your highest values are, and then strategize how to bring those authentic qualities into your work role.  When deeper issues or limiting beliefs come up, they can then be addressed.
  • We come into work (and every environment) with hidden beliefs from when we were children, and can find ourselves recreating roles that leave us feeling small or fearful.
  • People in the workplace are bringing in addiction, grief, family challenges and other difficulties that color how they show up.  Part of sexy spirituality in the workplace is creating a space where people can be their authentic selves even at work.
  • It's important to redefine success to mean excelling in the areas and qualities YOU think are important, not what everyone else thinks matters.
  • Choosing compassion when encountering people who are struggling, whether they share their struggle or not, is a huge part of integrated spirituality.
  • When we center into our spiritual values throughout the day, we are able to be Love wherever we are and whatever we are doing.

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