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Sexy Spirituality

Dec 17, 2018

Sexy Spirituality Episode #16

Fostering Forgiveness



Lezli Goodwin

Kimjera Whittington

Sonia Byrne


Opening Chat

Christmas decorating is in full swing, except at Sonia's house.  Buddy the cat tried to eat her tree, so it went back in the box after 36 seconds.  Lezli's cat is uninterested in her tree.  Kimjera's tree is protected from the dogs by a security gate. (Which, by the way, also protects her tree from Lezli who can't open the gate.)


Fostering Forgiveness

  • During the holiday season, we tend to see a proliferation of movies that focus on the heartwarming aspects of coming together and forgiveness.
  • Lezli offers the embarrassing fact that Love Actually is her favorite Christmas movie.  You can watch it and mock her HERE.
  • How do we know if our upset is actually a sign of needing to forgive ourselves?
  • If we are noticing the same problem or irritation coming up in multiple situations, maybe it's something we need to forgive in ourselves.
  • Perhaps we need to consider the idea from Colin Tipping's Radical Forgiveness that there is a gift in whatever happened. Even though it was painful, it brought us to where we are today, and that's valuable.  Check out the book and bonus materials HERE.
  • The more we feel we are owed an apology, the more likely that there is something we need to forgive ourselves.  That idea itself might be upsetting, but it rings true.

Something Good


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We'll see you December 24 for our next episode of Sexy Spirituality, "Manifesting Less Stress." Share your thoughts with us at