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Sexy Spirituality

Feb 4, 2019

Sexy Spirituality Episode #22

The Shame and Blame Game



Lezli Goodwin

Sonia Byrne


Opening Chat

Sonia and Lezli chat about what they are binge watching to get through the long January.


The Shame and Blame Game

  • We live in a culture that encourages blame and shame, and it can be hypnotizing.
  • For most of us, we can still vividly remember early experiences of shame.
  • Shame (the feeling that I am bad, as opposed to I did something bad) is often turned out at someone else as blame.  It can also be turned inward, leading to withdrawl and a drop in energy.
  • Spiritual practice and study can help us replace the knee-jerk shame reaction with a healthier approach, but it takes dedication. The more we practice, the easier it is to choose differently.


Something Good


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