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Sexy Spirituality

Nov 26, 2018

Sexy Spirituality podcast Episode 13:

Growing in Gratitude



Lezli Goodwin

Sonia Byrne


Check In

Sonia & Lezli chat about Thanksgiving in their respective countries, the US and Canada.  Fun fact: the first North American Thanksgiving took place in Newfoundland.


Growing in Gratitude: 

  • Sonia and Lezli share specific practices they utilize to deepen into gratitude and the reasons those practices work.
  • Gratitude and a Good Night's Sleep: Sonia recommends this process for people who are having trouble sleeping.  While lying in bed, go through your day is excruciating detail, expressing gratitude for each thing.  Be grateful that you woke up, grateful for your shower, grateful for your breakfast and so on.  It's like having surgery, when the anesthesiologist tells you to count backwards from 100.  You won't remember anything after 97.
  • Keeping a Gratitude Journal: in addition to the classic "write down ten things you are grateful" form a journaling, Lezli specifically likes to journal gratitude points about someone or something that is upsetting her.  This reminds her what IS working in the relationship or situation. Sonia reminds us that we are looking for a state change, an emotional shift.
  • Thank You Notes: Both Lezli & Sonia are big fans of writing thank you notes as a part of their spiritual practice. Expressing heart felt gratitude blesses both the writer and the receiver.
  • Thank You on Steroids: Sonia shares with us the difference between a thank you and an acknowledgement, or a thank you on steroids.  This involves linking the gratitude with the benefit.  "Thank you, Lezli, for inviting me to dinner.  I had a difficult week and I didn't have any food in the house and it meant a lot to have a nice place to go and some lovely company and wonderful food. Thank you." 


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