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Sexy Spirituality

Dec 24, 2018

Sexy Spirituality Episode #16

Manifesting Less Stress



Lezli Goodwin

Kimjera Whittington

Sonia Byrne


Opening Chat

Lezli celebrated Yule on Friday, the Pagan winter solstice. She had a quiet gathering with family around a fire, calling back the sun and warmth with food, fun and intentions for the new year.  Sonia shared about Tig's Eve, a Newfoundland tradition that is different from anywhere else in Canada, where friends gather to kick off the holiday season.


Manifesting Less Stress

  • We can get stuck in the mode of stress, even though we know that Spirit has us and we're sourced  and supported.
  • During the holidays, there is a lot of energy around family, wrapping gifts, etc.
  • Sometimes experiencing less stress is about realizing when you need to stop and take a breath.
  • We're big on meditation, but at this time of year it can be helpful to plan additional calming, centering activities
  • Proactive, Planned and Prepared!  yoga, group meditation, going for walks, structured calming activities can really help.  Even if you only make it to some of those activities, it really helps to build those gentle activities in.
  • Mindless, creative activities can help, too!  Coloring books, baking, crocheting, beading, even Netflix.  Lezli has been painting a lot more than usual. Give yourself the space to do things that just feel good.
  • Classic Zen saying, "You should meditate an hour a day, unless you're busy. Then you should meditate two hours a day!"
  • Mind-Body-Spirit: taking care of ALL of ourselves. 
  • Take advantage of the healing services and meditations your local spiritual community offers during the season, especially if you are grieving or struggling. Just knowing you have positive activities to look forward to can carry you through difficult moments.
  • Moving into gratitude can help us feel more centered as well.  Make a list of 5 things you are thankful for. Our brain won't allow us to be in both gratitude and something else -- it helps us release anger, fear or any other emotion.
  • If we have a sense that something is going to be stressful, it can be helpful to anticipate it and plan a response that won't make it worse.  Practice the response, so you can feel good about it. It can protect you, especially when you are tired or not feeling well.
  • Remember, other people's opinions or judgments don't actually have anything to do with you! You can honor their right to their own opinion without accepting it as our own truth.
  • We don't have to attend every fight we are invited to!

Something Good


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We'll see you December 30 for our next episode of Sexy Spirituality, "The Resolution Revolution." Share your thoughts with us at